Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love Wes Anderson's films. I remember enjoying Pulp Fiction in high school but thinking Tarintino was a bit too violent for me. I saw a preview for Bottle Rocket and thought it had the same flare and flavor of Tarintino, but was more my speed.

It really was not - I did not like Bottle Rocket. The characters were somewhat interesting but the plot really needed some work. A few years later, I saw a preview for Rushmore and thought "ok, I NEED to see that film". And I did and I LOVED IT.

Ever since I have been a fan of Wes Anderson. Especially his soundtracks - they have not only introduced me to some amazing artists I had forgotten, but also energized and appealed to my auditory senses.

When I heard about the Fantastic Mr. Fox, I had the impulse to see it much in the way I had the impulse to see Royal Tenanbaums and Steve Zissou and the Life Aquatic - Wes Anderson created them! I also saw that Fantastic Mr. Fox was nominated for an Oscar and was very happy that Wes Anderson was getting some credit for his amazing film making.

In my opinion, Fantastic Mr. Fox was ROBBED of that Oscar (stupid "Up") because it is by far one of the best children's films I have seen in a long time. It is not silly, not predictable, and in no way tries to sheild children from the way people really behave. It is as fantastic as Finding Nemo but edgier because Wes Anderson is amazing. And it was certainly better than Darjeeling Limited.

I loved everything: the voices

Ahem, Jason Schwartzman was in it too! And don't you love Wes Anderson's use of language? I do! Fantastic Mr. Fox was a Roald Dahl book! I love that author!

the animation (stop-motion - SO very cool)

Just look at the set-up for the shot - it is SO Wes Anderson! Gorgeous!

And of course I loved the music - Stones,Bobby Fuller Four (it works) and I was surprised to find myself enjoying a few Beach Boys tunes (which I typically hate - maybe the baby's taste in music is developing too...). I will totally allow my future little one to watch this movie again and again and hopefully avoid exposing him or her to the capitalist tendencies that is Disney.