Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now I Think I Am Going to Cry...


I had my lesson and various interviews and tours today.

The cafeteria is AMAZING!!! Really yummy food and healthy too.

I might have left my drink somewhere....

Anyhow, the lesson was a total BOMB. I was nervous as all get out (I have taught the concept of square roots and irrationals a million times). The girls were absolutely silent. I was awful.


The final interview was crazy...I don't think I was very articulate and said "um" a lot. My eloquence flew out the window.

They were probably thinking "Why did we want her here?".

But the Head said she would email me the pay scale and benefits package and check my references...????


Did I get the job or not? Idk...

Oh, and tablet PCs are REALLY COOL!!!!!!!! I was fascinated by the girls taking notes on them! Really neat.

And I am worried that my principal will totally be negative...and I have not told her....

So, I guess I will have to tell her...keep praying for me!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Think I'm Gonna Throw Up...

...and no, not because I am preggers.

I went for my initial interview at the school (I didn't know it was one, but I do now).

And I thought it went ok.

They said they would contact me to let me know if I was going to come back to teach a lesson and to have a second interview early next week.

But instead they called me tonight and wanted me to teach a practice lesson on Monday.



I think I am gonna barf. Lance says I should stop being so awesome. It is just not possible.

Crap - lots of decisions to make. O Lord, please make this easy....

PRAY FOR ME!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009




I sent off my cover letter (well, email), my pdf of my filled out application form, and a link to my online CV (resume) to the school I mentioned earlier...and they replied back the SAME DAY that they want to interview me!


I know that if it is God's will I will get the job, but it still feels good to know I look like a decent teacher. YEA!!!

So, thank y'all for your prayers and keep praying!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


So, my great-uncle Vincent recently reposed. It is amazing to me that I knew my great-grandparents siblings and I consider myself quite fortunate. Tio Vicente was a really kind and funny man - he and his wife Virginia were the best of people. I really feel for Tia Virginia; I cannot imagine losing my husband. I know she has her children and grandchildren to comfort her along with our whole family.

I went on the tribal pages website to see if any news was on there, but everyone in Texas is rather busy and I know it will take some time before any pics go up from the funeral.

I strolled down memory lane, looking at pictures of my family...events...old pictures of my ancestors (what a weird idea, but I guess that is who they are) when they were younger...

Here are some of my favorites:

Check out the bow on my great-grandma Sophia! She was rockin' it. I did not know she had a sister Virginia who died at age 18.

And here are Great-grandma Sophia and Great-grandpa Jose (Joe) -- they are so beautiful here. They would later go on to have 9 kids (though I think there were two who reposed along the way), divorce, and then go on to have three more -- each of them!


Great-grandpa Joe and Great-Uncle Vincent were brothers. It is funny, but I knew them as Grandpa Joe and Tio Vicente -- we are not formal in our family, thankfully.

My Grandpa recently celebrated his 80th birthday! And he still looks this good - seriously. He is the titanium grandpa -- he drove himself to the hospital when he was having a heart attack. I did not inherit his pain threshold AT ALL. Both of my grandparents look stunning in here -- I wish I had inherited my grandmother's looks. She is still super cute too :D

Speaking of good looks...here is why I titled my post "MOTHER!!!"

Of ALL the pictures she has of me, she chooses our bad 80s glamour shots???


I guess because she looks good. Check out my EYEBROWS -- I mean they are pretty bad now, but I could have easily been Frida Kahlo. Just photoshop in a spider monkey and it is a whole new picture. I have NEVER worn that much make-up since, not even on my wedding day.

Speaking of which...

Well, Lance looks good in this one. I know I am a nerd, but do we really need to showcase that fact on Tribal Pages. Seriously -- I know I kinda dashed my mother's dreams of a fairly-tale wedding for her one and only daughter by having a kegger at church, but of all those wedding photos THIS IS THE ONE she chooses.


At least I am holding an icon. But I am a stick figure; if I remember correctly, I was about 90 lbs - gross! By gross I mean TOO SKINNY. And I cannot believe I have gained 40 lbs since the wedding...double gross.

Gah! I will have to send Aunt Bea some new pics where I don't look like such a dweeb...if such pictures exist.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Prayer Works...?

Ok, so Monday was a normal day at work...until lunch.

My boss dropped the bombshell that after 25 years, she is leaving the school.


The above is the expression I had to hold all day, 'cause internally I was thinking



It is true that the devil you do know is better than the one you don't (but how is there two devils I ask you?), but I am SO glad change is not only coming to the country but to my school as well!


I am seriously happy for her - I think the school is way to big for her and, being a mirco-manager, a smaller school will be better.

But why then did she build up the school to be so large?


Whatever, at least I know next year will be TOTALLY different -- whether I am hired at the all-girls school or end up staying where I am.

I feel very blessed.

Of course I don't know if my job will be PT or FT next year...but is spring break and HOLY WEEK so I can't be bothered to think of that now.

Will post pysanky pics soon - since I now have a lot of time on my hands...

..except for that pesky educational philosophy paper I need to write and my goals.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pray for Me

Hi all! Hope the title doesn't spook you - I am fine and healthy!

It has just been an extra stressful Lent.

My boss has *still* not said anything re: my job. Personally, I wonder if she is just trying to get me to quit without having to fire me.

But whatever - that sort of thinking is not profitable.

This is: I found out a local all-girls school is looking to hire a math/tech teacher!

I am very excited and I am working on getting my application out by tomorrow!

So pray that I get this job! It it right up my alley!

Thank you :D