Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Data has prevailed.

Well, thank you to all of the encouragement I received after my last post. It was great to feel loved.

And data has prevailed and I talked directly to the parent who wanted her kid in my class.  And she is a little more calm.

A little.

But right now I am EXHAUSTED from working today and stress.

I guess that is how I am when I am in school.

But you know, I am TRYING to gain a positive attitude.  I have yet to talk to my principal about the scheduling, but I am trying to keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  It may have to wait for later.

Gosh I am incoherent.

But, I will not give into what a friend calls "the black hole of teaching".

It is where your time goes on the weekend when you should be with your family or relaxing (or both).

It is where your energy goes when you should be improving your overall health.

It is where your heart goes when you are the only person scheduling electives on a Friday afternoon as your colleagues happily drink beer and eat and lift not a @*#$&@* finger to help.

I am done.  I am not giving any more of myself than I have to.

If my colleagues want things done, then we are getting them done TOGETHER.   Being positive does not mean saying "yes" to everything.

Over and out.