Saturday, April 19, 2008

Recipe for Holy Week

Here's my game plan - may God guide and protect me!

Sunday - eat fish (sushi?), finish editing prayers in Garage Band and transfer to itunes (load onto both ipods), go to Bridegroom Matins

Monday to Wednesday - eat xerophagy (basically, eating raw foods) for dinner, go to Bridegroom Matins

Thursday - go to Mass with students and try to stay focused. Lunch and cooked meal before Gospel Reading (don't take lantern - I can never get the Holy Flame home without burning myself). Stay up till midnight

Friday - go to all services and during a break, procure brown eggs for dyeing (that is my secret for a nice dark red egg - start with brown ones) and anything for Pascha baskets, stay up till 2 am dyeing eggs and baking bread (and listening to Akathist and Pre-Communion Prayers on ipod). Sleep in next morning.

Saturday - Go to service in morning, make quiche, sleep from noon to 7:30 pm. Get up, get stuff ready for church (listen to Pre-Communion prayers on ipod during this time), go to church...

PASCHA!!! Stay up till 6 am having a wonderful time rejoicing in the feast. Then go to sleep and get up around 10 for more festivities!

Here is hoping Holy Week will be a blessed one for you too:)

We don't need your stinkin' 70 degree weather...

..we got snow in April!

Which is less exciting than it may seem. It has been cold, miserable, and my students absolutely intolerable.

I am PRAYING for a warm Pascha!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Carrot

Here is your carrot Katy - she asked about where the fan fic was...

Part I - Chapter 1 where Lily's restless thoughts finally get her to sleep.

Lily could not sleep. She was quite sure of what was keeping her awake – the next day, the “date” with James Potter.

James Potter – she and James Potter were going on a date. Though Hogsmeade was officially off limits this year due to Death Eater recruitment (and Lily had a sneaking suspicion of which students were being recruited), James Potter had planned a date for the two of them tomorrow. He told her she should wear comfortable shoes. He lacked that certain James-Potter-self-satisfied smirk – he actually looked nervous.

He had also sounded nervous when he asked her for a date earlier in the year. Perhaps it was his tone that caught Lily off guard at dinner one evening. They were having polite conversation about Head Boy and Girl duties when it happened.

“Evans,” James had asked.

“Yes,” she had replied, not even looking up from the schedule for indoor break she was tapping with her wand.

“Do you think we could get together – j-just you and I, alone?”

“Right, that would be alright” she had replied, not even thinking, not even seeing it as an invitation for something else – she had been busy stuffing her bag with the altered schedules and rising to leave. She had only figured out what his words meant when Cassie interrogated her about agreeing to a date with Potter.

“Lily, if you don’t like him, don’t get his hopes up! It would be cruel!”

In the present, Lily gave a sigh. She heard Cassie stir in her sleep. It was no use – Lily was wide-awake. Climbing out of bed, lighted wand aloft, she went to the pitcher by the window to get some water. She wasn’t sure about James.

She filled the glass with water and sipped. She was never sure about James Potter – he could be kind in one instant and a total jerk on the other. He was just downright awful for the first five years of school, especially to Sev.

Severus Snape – the very thought of him made Lily plunk the glass down and dash for the warmth of her bed. He no doubt heard about the date tomorrow. Was it third year – yes it was third year because it was right after Potter saved him. Severus – Sev at the time – had blurted out that James Potter fancied her. Oh, how she hated James then, but just that morning she had thanked Potter profusely for saving her best friend from whatever beast was in that tunnel under the whomping willow. Still, that did not eliminate James Potter as her last choice on earth for a date.

Now Sev was always around Rosier and some other random, evil Slytherins – little death eaters in the making.

What would Sev say now? He most likely would be incredibly upset for he had always despised Potter. But, if he had stayed the Sev she knew from the village – her best friend. If had remained the Sev who knew everything, who would laugh more than scowl, who wouldn’t dream of insulting her…

Lily huffed and rolled over – Snape was a total jerk.

If all he could muster that night was lame apologies and excuses, then he had made his choice. Those little dark arts pals were more important to him than she was.

If Sev had stayed Sev, would she even be on a date with James Potter tomorrow?

Lily rolled over in her bed some more – slightly disgusted with herself. Her thoughts always seemed to come back to Severus Snape. At first, he had fought her silence and constantly tried to contact her, but now he was silent and ignored her as much as she ignored him.

She really did not know him anymore. If he did speak to her, she was less than kind, quite often rude, but he said nothing scathing in return.

Did he care? Did she care if he cared?

Lily burrowed deeper under the bed sheets. It would be incredibly unwise to let her mind wander down these paths. What she needed to worry about was tomorrow – did she even like James Potter?

When she had cried on Snape’s shoulder over Tristan, wasn’t it he who said that you had to love someone who loves you. Otherwise, you would go completely mad. Tristan, Tristan Sharp – there was a story there, but her mind was too weary from reminiscing and began to calm itself.

Snuggled under blankets, Lily finally thought herself to sleep.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, I have always been against making pysanky with birds on them. See the red one on the left? Yeh, not my cup of tea (these are NOT my eggs by the way, and NO I will not reproduce one of them for you).

I always felt awkward putting an image of the animal whose reproductive parts I was using to make art. I mean, it was just sort of weird.

Then, this year, I thought, what they hey, I will make one with little birds on it and it could be really cute.

So, I made it and it was cute. Then, when I was taking the yoke out....

Fortunately, most of the yoke was out, so yoke didn't go flying everywhere (which was the initial concern of my husband in the next room over who heard the commotion including my yelp).

My expression was one of :s

I mean, I REALLY liked that egg, and I guess Mom did too since she emailed me claiming it as her own. But now, it is....

...egg-sploded. I think my problem was the size of the hole I made to push the yoke out and not the egg itself or the spirits of chickens/ducks/geese past coming to haunt me.

Um, by the way, you can click ON the picture for a larger view (hi mom:).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pysanky Time!

So, I have uploaded some pictures of my pysanky.

They are kind of...bad...and here I am using a new gloss. It is a wipe on poly - I think I like the old stuff better.

Update: the smaller ones are quail eggs and the husband said the ones with writing/drawing on them do not look so great. So, I just dyed one regular style, and he liked it better. So did I.

Here are some I made last year: the red one in back is REALLY bad as is the yellow one. The black one is mine and the blue one is mine too. I wouldn't mind making another blue one, but the black one was painful. The green one is pretty, but not that great. The red one is totally wonky.