Thursday, December 20, 2007

So no beta...

...everyone is busy. At first I was like "Busy? Really? Well, I guess I am too, but I am finding some time -". Then WHOOSH - all my spare time gone. I have been working on a new outline, a new story line. I have in my head this heavenly (literally) scene where Snape gets to spend eternity with a fifteen year old Lily, the Lily he knew, the Lily that died when he betrayed her. How it must hurt to be betrayed by one's best friend! Surely a bit of someone would die - would feel pain and anguish.

Anyhow, Snape's soul gets to spend a peaceful exsistance with a fifteen year old Lily - but he is fifteen as well. But he learns that he will be eternally happy.


I think where I was writing in my story some details might have been lost along the way. I would love to spend one to three days of my vacation writing. But alas - there are Christmas presents to crochet and a house to decorate (I said I would do it St. Nicholas' day old calender, which was yesterday, but I didn't get to it).

Lots to do ahead - lots of little scenes in my head that I need to play out. Plus my friend Odious ( got me thinking about some other character details with his post about the art of courtly love.

I may choose to post a new first chapter soon