Monday, October 22, 2007

Dumbledore gay?

Huh? Jo Rowling revealed in her Carnegie Hall reading the Dumbledore was in love with Grindewald (sp?). Very odd.

Many are saying that they no longer want to read the books due to Dumbledore's sexual leanings.

My question is - why?

So Dumbledore was homosexual - did we really see it in the books? Rita Skeeter hinted at in in her awful biography of Dumbledore noting the sinister relationship between Harry and Dumbledore. I always took that turn of phrase as meaning that Dumbledore viewed Harry as more than an engaging young man. But, then again, I don't hold Rita Skeeter in high regard.

Still - someone's sexual orientation is something private and in an age where one is never sure what another's preference is, it is possible to question.

But does it really matter? I think not. So, Dumbledore was gay - we don't see it in the novels, it doesn't change his character as a high ranking and well respected wizard. It does not affect his realtionship with the other characters.

I think it comes as a shock to others who see Dumbledore as a heroic leader and perhaps it is their own prejudice that leads them to believe a strong leader cannot be homosexual. It is that sterotype of the flamboyant and hysterical homosexual that somehow doesn't jive with who Dumbledore was.

It just goes to show that even though one might not think they are prejudiced, that some sterotypes may still exist in their subconscious.

Love everyone - that is what Dumbledore would have wanted AND Christ's message to us on earth.

MOVING on...One interesting question Jo Rowling was asked was the professions of the Maurader's and Lily. They were full time fighers - after school! Interesting!

It was also interesting to note that James supported everyone with his money.

I am just imagining one big house where everyone is living togehter, commune style. Lupin is working at table and Sirius cracking jokes with James while Lily is trying to charm food into something edible with Wormtail sitting at a bar looking on hungrily.

Hopefully it wasn't like that - I felt so sorry that Lily was the only girl in the group!

And it is rather sweet that James was so generous with his money.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's been awhile...

... I am still trying to balance school, life, and fan fic writing.

I have once again changed my mind about the structure of the story I want to write - or, I suppose, I rather want to fill in.

I have been re-reading the whole HP series, looking now for more about Snape, which I had not done before. To me, he was not a character I was drawn to - he seemed so mean and awful to Harry that one, I think, could not but also get angry with Snape as Harry did.

But what an interesting character - to see Harry's own person as a personal insult. Lily said she would never be interested in James, and yet she MARRIES the guy and has a KID with him!

If I were Snape, I would be pretty upset too.

However, could Harry really help what his mother said or who his father was? I think it a little TOO vindictive to take this attitude. But, perhaps Snape was saving himself from more hurt by distancing himself from Harry. From a distance perhaps he only saw James and would not have to look at Lily's eyes - a source of pain for him.

Anyhow - just some thoughts that have been rattling around in my brain.

Hopefully will get a new chapter up in the next month that starts with Snape and Lily's estrangement.

I'm actually starting to think of him as Severus...hmmmm.